current issue

The first issue of XD will explore unique perspectives on ‘What is experience design and how is it being done?’

Feature articles* include: 

French experience designer Patricia Gallot-Lavallée on designing for emotions in the hospitality and retail industries.

Global UK based experience design company Entropii

US experience designers Megan Bowe and Aaron Silvers on new frameworks of storytelling, magic and games for experience designers.

plus – our Editor, Faye Miller explains her vision for XD magazine.

Our theme for this issue is ‘Learning Experience Design’ featuring designing for informal learning environments by US researcher Nicole Leaper, and visitor experience design by Australian researchers Regan Forrest and Toni Roberts.

Learning experiences are further explored in formal education contexts by Australian learning engagement leader Cameron Stow and Play Mountain in Los Angeles covered by UK creative producer Pigalle Tavakkoli.

This issue will also feature interviews and reviews from our team about travel, events (White Night, Melbourne), design, arts and culture – what does experience design mean in these contexts?

*Feature articles subject to change.

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