current issue

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Who Is XD: Experience Design Magazine For?
The contents of XD: Experience Design Magazine will be of interest if you are involved in any human service related industry as a:

Experience​ Design practitioner
Experience Design researcher/student
User Experience Designer wishing to broaden your understanding of Experience Design
Senior Manager/CEO
Anyone interested in the idea/practice of Experience Design for the betterment of humanity! (And who wouldn’t want to design better experiences for people?)

Feature Stories
​The upcoming launch issue features:

Developing Principles for Optimal Human Experiences

Design for Emotions: A European Experience Designer’s Perspective

Balancing Creativity and Science at Entropii UK
Designing Social Events with MakingBetter, New York

Interpretive and Informal Learning Design For Museums

Play Mountain Los Angeles
Engaging Learning Experiences in Classrooms

Enhancing Travel Experiences with Latest Apps

Humanizing Experiences: Lessons from film maker Louis Theroux
Designing White Night, Melbourne Australia

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